the ayaruna center

the ayaruna center

Your vision will become clear only when you look inside your heart;
who looks outside dreams; who looks inside awakens.


Javier Regueiro

the ayaruna center, javier regueiro

the ayaruna center, javier regueiro

Javier Regueiro is a Spanish national born and raised in Switzerland. He is a certified Massage Therapist (Swedish Institute of Massage Therapy, New York City), Rebirther (Body Electric School, Oakland, CA) and Avatar Master, and a student of “A Course In Miracles”.

He moved to Peru in 2004 to study Amazonian plant medicine and shamanism, and has apprenticed with various teachers in the Iquitos and Pucallpa areas. He has undergone several months of shamanic diets, learning the use and healing properties of plant teachers such as ayahuasca, tobacco and datura among others, and has become a full-time ayahuasquero since.

His commitment is to make Ayahuasca and San Pedro available to all people who feel called to use these medicines for personal healing and spiritual guidance.

He is the author of the book “Ayahuasca: Soul Medicine of the Amazon Jungle“, available now worldwide through Iuniverse – Tarcher/Penguin in both print and Kindle formats.

He speaks fluent English, Spanish, French, German and Italian.

The Ayaruna Center

the ayaruna center

the ayaruna center

the ayaruna center


The Ayaruna Center is in the process of relocating to the Amazon jungle, a process that will take a couple of years, and we are unable to offer any additional retreats other than those listed at http://retreat.guru/centers/293/the-ayaruna-center until further notice. Thank you!

The Ayaruna Center is located in Pisac, in the Sacred Valley of the Incas, between Cusco and Machu Picchu; we are surrounded by powerful and wise mountains and overlooking the ancient ruins of Pisac.

The Ayaruna Center is a healing place that summons the healing and spiritual energies of this land, of the Earth and the Heavens.

On its grounds we have built a house, a beautiful and comfortable glass-roofed ceremony temple for Ayahuasca ceremonies and an open temple for San Pedro ceremonies.

The vision of this Center is to create and hold a space where people from all over the world and of all spiritual and cultural traditions, regardless of their gender, sexual orientation and race can most benefit from working with these ancestral medicines: a safe space for the healing of the wounds that prevent us from living our full potential as well as the exploration of one’s inner realms and other dimensions.


It is important to be aware that the process we offer is about coming home to ourselves through the mindful and respectful use of these plant medicines, and not an escape from ourselves. 

Our guests are invited into a deep process and are offered personalized support due to the power and delicacy of such process.


We combine our knowledge and experience in breath work, yoga, Chinese medicine, massage, and various spiritual traditions, together with the shamanic work of plant medicine to support people in their process of personal healing, spiritual awakening and consciousness expansion.

Where we are

In order to get to the Ayaruna Center, please take a taxi or mototaxi to Paz Y Luz Guesthouse. As you arrive from the town of Pisac, right before Paz Y Luz there is a large black metal gate – go through it and along the path until you arrive at a metal gate with a star on the door. You have arrived! 

AYARUNA means those who have gone before – and also, the female spirit of Ayahuasca.

San Pedro Retreats

Retreats and Ceremonies

the ayaruna center, the ceremonies


The Ayaruna Center is in the process of relocating to the Amazon jungle, a process that will take a couple of years, and we are unable to offer any additional retreats other than those listed at http://retreat.guru/centers/293/the-ayaruna-center until further notice. Thank you!

At the Ayaruna Center healing retreats using Ayahuasca and San Pedro are offered throughout the year in order to allow participants to deepen their process. Rather than a place to “drink medicine”, we offer a space for people to come home to themselves through the plant medicine process.

Intensive retreats and dietas are designed to co-create a strong and intimate container where healing and expansion can occur, and personalized support is offered throughout our time together.

Introductory talks about the medicines and the ceremonies are offered beforehand, group integration sessions are held after each ceremony, and before each ceremony individual talks are held in order to maximize the benefits of the process.

Participants of the intensive retreats lodge at Paz y Luz Bed & Breakfast and Healing Center, which is located right next to the Ayaruna Center. 

We also offer 7-day mini retreats that include 1 San Pedro and 2 Ayahuasca ceremonies but no lodging.

Last but not least we also offer once a year a 3-week long shamanic plant dieta here in Pisac with all participants lodging at Paz y Luz and where dieta-compliant meals are specifically and lovingly cooked for the participants.

Sorry but we no longer offer single ceremonies.

With the awareness that retreats and dietas are particularly intensive processes, our vision is to hold these experiences in as supportive and nurturing an environment as possible.


Engaging with both Ayahuasca and San Pedro ceremonies involve a certain degree of preparation, both physical and mental.

A diet of freshly prepared foods without fermented ingredients that need refrigeration (such as yoghurt, cheese and soy sauce), as well as abstinence from all alcohol, recreational drugs and sex is ideal – the longer the better, but such restrictions are to be observed without exception for at least 2 weeks before and after the retreats. 

The more prepared one is for these ceremonies the easier they will be and the clearer one’s visions and insights will be.

Ayahuasca ceremony logistics

On the day of ceremony participants can eat (please refrain from any form of caffeine) until 9:30 AM and then fast for the rest of the day (water is allowed). At 1 PM an extensive talk about this medicine and the ceremony ahead is offered and then the participants spend the rest of the day in quiet. The ceremony starts at 5:30 PM and lasts 4 to 5 hours. 

Please bring water and an additional t-shirt to cover the pillow that will be provided, and wear comfortable warm clothes.

Participants to the mini retreats who are not staying at Paz y Luz can spend the night right after the ceremony in the Ayahuasca Temple free of charge.

The morning after the ceremony, we gather to share our experiences thus beginning and facilitating the integration process.

The brew offered at the Ayaruna Center is prepared in Iquitos under the supervision of Don Francisco Montes and contains Cielo Ayahuasca, Huambisa, Tobacco, Chiric Sanango, Cielo Piripiri, Altaruna, Canelilla but NO Datura.

San Pedro ceremony logistics

The day before the ceremony a thorough introduction to this medicine and the ceremony ahead is offered at 5 pm. The ceremony starts at 8 AM on an empty stomach and lasts until sunset. At some point during the day it is possible to break the fast with light snacks such as bread, cookies and non-citric fruits, which participants should bring. Other items to bring: comfortable warm clothes, a hat and solar protection, an additional t-shirt to cover the pillow that will be provided, and water.

Around 6 PM dinner is served at the Ayaruna Center.

The morning after the ceremony, we gather to share our experiences thus beginning and facilitating the integration process.

Participants to the mini retreats who are not staying at Paz y Luz can spend the night right after the ceremony in the Ayahuasca Temple free of charge.


If you are interested in attending any of these retreats, please contact us as soon as possible. 

Attendance to the retreats is limited to a maximum of 7 to 9 people in order to provide each participant with the necessary care.

The mini retreats include 1 San Pedro and 2 Ayahuasca ceremonies within 7 days, but no lodging.

For those interested in a medicine intensive, we organize group retreats that include 2 San Pedro and 3 Ayahuasca ceremonies within 13 days; and a San Pedro-only retreat with 4 San Pedro ceremonies over 12 days. Both of these retreats include a one-day excursion to the ruins of Tipon with a Despacho (offering to the Earth) and a breath and guided meditation session.

Plant dietas here in Pisac are 3-week long and include 1 Flower Bath, 4 San Pedro ceremonies and 3 Ayahuasca ceremonies.

If you are interested in any of these retreats, please contact us as soon as possible.

For a detailed description and registration for any of these retreats, please click on:http://retreat.guru/centers/293/the-ayaruna-center#events






the ayaruna center, ayahuasca

Ayahuasca is known in the Amazon jungle as “la purga” (the purge) and is essentially a medicine that cleanses one on all levels – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. The process is one of healing and letting go of what no longer is helpful for our journey on this planet and the resulting clarity that allows us to see what is the next step ahead for us. The energy of the medicine supports this process and helps one reconnect with one’s deepest truths and sense of purpose.

Ayahuasca is very powerful medicine, and when approached with respect and a pure intention, is a most wonderful healer and teacher.

At the Ayaruna Center the focus of the work with this medicine, as well as with San Pedro, is often the healing of wounds such as rejection and abandonment, and the release of the emotional, mental and physical manifestations of such wounds. Other aspects of this work are the deepening of the connection with the Divine within and outside ourselves, and the learning of the ancestral wisdom connected with the use of these medicines. The process is tailored for each participant individually, with the awareness that this is a very powerful and yet delicate process.

The emphasis is on physical and emotional safety, and plenty of support is provided before, during and after each ceremony.

The price per ceremony per person is 85 U$. All other details regarding ayahuasca ceremonies at the Ayaruna Center are on the page “The Ceremonies”.

San Pedro (Huachuma)

the ayaruna center, san pedro (huachuma)

San Pedro is a cactus that grows all along the Andes (and now North America as well). The earliest recorded shamanic use of this plant available to us date back over 3000 years, and there are reasons to believe its use is much more ancient than that – both the physical and psychic fabric of this part of the world is informed with the energy of this plant teacher.

San Pedro is used for healing as well as mystical purposes. Its energy opens up one’s channels, allowing one to connect deeply with oneself as well as the entire cosmos and other spiritual dimensions.

By powerfully activating the heart chakra, this medicine allows one to connect with oneself and the cosmos through the heart instead of the mind. Greater acceptance, love and compassion towards oneself and others are often the results of working with this teacher.

The price per ceremony per person is 95 U$ and includes the dinner served after the ceremony.



the ayaruna center, pay y luz bed and breakfast

Paz y Luz Bed & Breakfast

Paz y Luz is a beautiful bed & breakfast located next door to the Ayaruna Center. As the name suggests it is a very peaceful place, which is why participants to our retreats lodge there.

The owner, Diane Dunn, is a writer and healer. She hosts and leads a variety of workshops and gatherings designed to offer opportunities for healing, balance, restoration and transformation.

She is available for individual Andean energy healing sessions to clear energy fields, release blockages, identify problem areas and restore inner balance.

For more information, visit www.pazyluzperu.com

For participants to the mini retreats who prefer to lodge elsewhere, there are plenty of other choices in the town of Pisac for all budgets and plenty of availability at all times of the year. Those people not staying at Paz y Luz are welcome to stay overnight in the Ayahuasca Temple of the Ayaruna Center free of charge. 


Pisac and the Sacred Valley

the ayaruna center, pisac and the sacred valley

the ayaruna center, pisac and the sacred valley

Pisac is a small village about 40 minutes from the city of Cusco. It is nestled in the Sacred Valley of the Incas on the Urubamba river (shown in this picture), which runs north towards Machu Picchu and eventually ends in the Amazon jungle, becoming one of the main tributaries of the Amazon river.

Cusco was chosen by the Incas as the center of their empire, the navel of the world, and it is easy to understand their choice as this area enjoys the emergence of the energies of the jungle nearby as well as the energies of powerful mountains all around. The Sacred Valley, with Machu Picchu as its main center, is to this day a place of spiritual pilgrimage and healing for people from all over the world.

The refined energies of the mountains and the particularly nurturing vibration of this land make it an ideal place for personal awakening and healing.

Pisac is famous not only for its Sunday market but also for its Inca ruins and growing spiritual community.

The book

the ayaruna center, massages

More and more people from all walks of life and spiritual and religious backgrounds feel drawn to Ayahuasca in often surprising ways. In “Ayahuasca: Soul Medicine of the Amazon Jungle”, author Javier Regueiro offers a guide for those new to the use of this powerful medicine that originates in the Amazon rainforest.

Javier Regueiro not only provides general information about Ayahuasca, but he bridges the cultural gap between the native and the current use of Ayahuasca by Westerners. This guide offers background about the plant medicine, its history, and how to engage with and learn through its use. It includes stories of Javier’s personal experience of transformation, as well as stories from those he’s guided in ceremonies.

Addressed to the ever-increasing number of people who approach this medicine for their own personal healing and development, this guidebook provides clear and practical advice on how to use this therapeutic modality in a fashion that is meaningful to modern people for a maximum of benefit.

“Ayahuasca: Soul Medicine of the Amazon Jungle” is available now from New Directions, an affiliate of Tarcher/Penguin, both in print and electronic formats through Amazon.com, Iuniverse.com, Barnes & Noble and other large distributors worldwide.

This is what a reader has written about this book on Amazon.com:

By Bernhard on August 24, 2014

This in depth guide to ayahuasca is a remarkable and much needed addition to the existing literature and accounts on ayahuasca currently available.

I have probably read all or almost all of the books available on the topic of ayahuasca over the past 7 years. While there have been a few excellent books, most of them are focused on adventures of seekers, personal accounts and experiential reports, with a couple of books focused on the study of the Amazonian world view. This is not a bad thing, but I have been waiting for something more and this book provides it. It brings a much needed depth for the serious seeker, looking to approach ayahuasca ceremonies for deep healing. It is a guide on all things ayahuasca related, but its strength lies in its focus on the suggested mental, spiritual and emotional preparation and approach to working with this extraordinary sacrament.

The book is quite personal in places, offering what the author found to be the most helpful for his own unfolding and inner work. If someone, born and raised in western society, is going to approach this medicine for deep healing of wounds and the malaise of common western thought patterns, some of the popular approaches to ayahuasca and shamanism in general can at times be slightly limiting, in my opinion. Regueiro’s work adds a fresh outlook, building upon indigenous wisdom by utilizing sometimes Jungian and non-dual approaches in dealing with our fractures and wounds. In my own inner work, I have found these approaches incredibly beneficial and wholesome, so this book really resonates with me. This does not mean that this book discards all conventional wisdom as built up through the ages in the amazon, but rather adds to it in a very meaningful way, and re-frames many of the methods and myths surrounding the use of it to be rather approachable. There is also an explicit invitation to use one’s own discernment and intuition regarding what is “right” for the individual, which I find highly appealing as it avoids an authoritarian view.

In a nutshell, this is the one of the only books I would recommend someone read before embarking on their first ayahuasca ceremony, and in my opinion, it is a book that everyone currently working with sacred plants should consider reading for a review of what their current work is bringing them. Very important work and much needed at this juncture in time!

More reviews are available at Amazon.com

Recommended Reading

the ayaruna center, reading

For more information on ayahuasca, San Pedro, shamanism, and the spiritual path, I recommend these books:

Javier Regueiro, Ayahuasca: Soul Medicine of The Amazon Jungle, New Directions, 2014

Terence McKenna, The Archaic Revival, Harper SanFrancisco, 1991

Terence McKenna, Food of The Gods, Bantam Books, 1992

F. Bruce Lamb, Wizard of The Upper Amazon, North Atlantic Books, 1974

F. Bruce Lamb, Rio Tigre and Beyond, North Atlantic Books, 1985

Cesar Calvo, The Three Halves of Ino Moxo, Inner Traditions, 1995

Wade Davis, One River, Touchstone, 1997

Richard Evans Schultes and Robert F. Raffaut, Vine of The Soul, Synergetic Press, 1992

Alan Watts, The Joyous Cosmology, Pantheon Books, 1970  

Love Poems from God, translated by Daniel Ladinsky, Penguin Compass, 2002  

Hafiz, The Subject Tonight Is Love, translated by Daniel Ladinsky, Penguin Compass, 1996

David R. Hawkins, The Eye of The I, Veritas Publishing, 2001

Eli Jaxon-Bear, The Enneagram of Liberation, Leela Foundation, 2001

Malidoma Patrice Some, Of Water and The Spirit, Penguin Compass, 1994

Alberto Villoldo and Erik Jendresen, Dance of the Four Winds, Destiny Books, 1990

Alberto Villoldo and Erik Jendresen, Island of the Sun, Destiny Books, 1992


the ayaruna center, testimonials

My heart is so full of gratitude for having met you … for you to lead me and be with me on the most intense, painful, beautiful journey of my life.

I have never felt so cared for, nurtured, protected, loved, blessed as I did with you last night. I have never been read to such beautiful, perfect poems or had such beautiful songs and blessings bestowed upon me – from my very full heart I thank you.

I will keep this sacred journey and you in my heart always.

10 June 2006


Dear Javier,

the day of San Pedro has ignited a lasting process of shedding old burdens. I am feeling soooo much lighter, energized and grateful. I thank you Javier.

On my way back with my friend, in Lima, in airports and airplanes, we shared our experience and both agreed on the invaluable guidance, intuition and comfort you gave us … and much more.

I hope this finds you well, doing what you do so well, and look forward to experiencing much more with you.

20 June 2007



queria una vez mas agradecerte por todo lo que has hecho por mi. Han sido dias maravillosos, llenos de ensenanzas y de amor. Gracias por guiarme en mi camino.

Sé que todas estas experiencias solo las entenderé por completo dentro de algun tiempo. Pero siento que han sido esenciales y de mucha importancia para mi desarrollo como persona.

Gracias por guiarme y por darme la mano para atraversar las partes «tenebrosas» de mi camino. Ha sido hermoso tenerte a mi lado. Recordare’ esta semana como algo muy especial. Gracias por ayudarme a redescubrir tantas cosas dentro de mi. Sin tu ayuda esto no habria sido asi. Eres un gran guia espiritual y le doy gracias a Dios por permitir que nuestros caminos se cruzaran. Conserva tu alegria y sigue nutriendo ese don de luz que tienes. Yo entre tanto te llevaré en mi corazon.

Con amor,
10 Julio 2007


I have had many ceremonies with Javier over the years and have even studied with him in the jungle with Shaman Don Francisco Montes outside of Iquitos.

I find that he holds the space gracefully and beautifully. And although at times he can be a bit stern in helping people dissect their issues they might have to overcome, that he is always loving and his intention is to help people and create an environment that facilitates growth. Sometimes that means shaking a person’s foundation in order to do so.

I have had many ceremonies with many teachers including both shamans of the Incan heritage and ayahuasqueros of other ilk. I find especially for me as a woman, that Javier stands out in creating a safe space without the politics of greed, sex or money. Unfortunately I cannot say this for all the people I’ve known who do ceremonies.

Los Angeles, 2009


I met Javier in Pisac and worked very closely with him in his ceremonies. I participated in both San Pedro and Ayahuasca ceremonies with him. I trusted his work from the very beginning and the medicines he prepares are very powerful.

I am very grateful to Javier’s way of dealing with people during ceremonies and his great heart. He lead me through some big shifts of my life and with great touch he accompanied me through important ceremonies where I healed some deep wounds of my life.

I do healing work myself and I do acknowledge that only thanks to the work done with Javier and the trust I put i his work and in his knowledge I could heal some important past issues of my life.

Javier is a respected Ayahuasquero. He studied for a long time in the jungle to be where he is today to help people shifting their lifes and healing.

I have recommended him to many friends who went to Peru for ceremonies and they are all extremely satisfied with Javier’s great heart and amazing knowledge of the medicine. So am I.

I strongly recommend him for both San Pedro and Ayahuasca ceremonies, he is a great person with a big big heart!!!!



I first found Paz y Luz on the internet in fall of 2008. When I stopped by to visit and look around, I knew immediately that this was a place that I could be comfortable. I went to visit Javier, considering doing a medicine ceremony with him.

I have been studying with prominent healing professionals as well as practicing in the healing professions since 1970. I have been involved with many teachers and ceremonial leaders … from India, Thailand, and Native American backgrounds…as well as with Western bodywork, movement, psychology, and meditation teachers. I mention this only to say that I did not approach this naively. I felt that it was vital that I do the work with someone trustworthy.

When I went to Javier’s house the first time to talk about the possibilities, I went feeling somewhat distrustful and skeptical. However, after feeling his energy, hearing his responses to my questions and doubts, and seeing the beauty of his home, I decided to give it a try.

The first ceremony was transformative, and I changed my travel plans in order to do two more during my trip. Since that time I have returned to Paz y Luz and Javier’s 5 more times. Each time I have continued to work with the medicine and with Javier. I am astounded by the level of work, release, healing, and magic that happens in these ceremonies. Javier brings many skills to his work in addition to his study and experience with the plants while living in the jungle of Peru. He brings skills from Avatar, rebirthing, understanding of Buddhism and aspects of Western psychology, bodywork, beautiful traditional songs as well as dedication to his own ongoing process. I found Javier to be kind, skillful, and available during times when I hit roadblocks. True, he may not be a native shaman, but I found him to be a guide who can walk between the worlds of shamanism and modern life.

I have loved the fact that Javier’s ceremonies include everyone gathering together the morning after the ceremonies in order to share experiences. I have found Javier to be wise and gentle with directing each participant in how to bring their experiences further into consciousness and to integrate their insights and visions more fully into their everyday lives.

I feel that Javier is dedicated to doing this work with integrity and love. I am grateful and honored to have been led to be involved. Thank you Javier and Paz y Luz for providing a safe and comfortable place for this kind of work.

Ann Lasater
River Spirit Retreat, Arkansas, USA
September 2010


I have been staying in Paz Y Luz many times over the years and I always felt at home. The location is super amazing and the people are really nice and friendly. Javier is a great person with no comparison, I can tell for true. He always knows how to approach people with his charisma, love and compassion. I thank him everyday for the opportunity is has shown me over the years, the learning and the love within myself. The ceremonies with him and Ayahuasca and San Pedro have changed my life.

Italy, 2009


Javier, who works in the Pisac area, is a great Ayahuascaro and plant medicine guide to work with. He has the outmost integrity with his work. I have taken groups to work with him and his healing energy and insights as well as his knowledge of the plant medicine was really incredible. I have worked with other plant medicine guides that are native to the area, and enjoyed the experience but the integration work that Javier offers in unique and essential to this type of work. You could visit other Curandaros who don’t speak English and or have some tourist plant medicine experiences that are exotic and trippy, but without the depth of understanding and integration that Javier offers the lasting impression may fade.

I highly recommend working with him if you are sincerely looking to allow the medicine to be a way to really do your personal healing work on a deep level and get help with that.

Vancouver, 2010


I had the privilege to stay at Paz y Luz last Spring. I discovered it on a lark and good for our group that I did. We intended to experience plant medicine and Javier’s gentle spirit and skill was invaluable. We met with him a few evenings before and he explained the plant’s characteristics, what we could expect, and gave us an opportunity to ask questions. He helped us to be as prepared as possible as one doesn’t enter such a sacred space unaware. I am grateful to have had the experience and plan to return July 2011 to have both Ayahuasca and San Pedro ceremonies with Javier.

San Antonio, USA


I highly recommend Javier for his plant medicine journeys. Before going to Pisac, I had spent two weeks doing Ayahuasca in the Amazon near Iquitos with an indigenous shaman and had a deeply transformative experience, but had no input from the shaman on understanding the journeys. I then met Javier at Paz y Luz and he was able to guide me on Ayahuasca and San Pedro journeys as effectively, and he would help me clarify my intention prior to a journey as well as help me integrate the journey the next day. I came to appreciate his approach more than that of the indigenous shaman and recommend him to my friends who want to experience the plant medicines.

Vancouver, 2009


I have participated in medicine plant ceremonies with Javier many times. I have also had a great many friends who have also participated with him. I have found his leading of ceremonies to be impeccable and highly skilled. I have known him on the medicine path for almost ten years and would recommend him as a leader of these ceremonies. In addition he is caring and willing to help people both in the ceremony and if they have questions after. I have participated in ceremonies with many other people who lead them, both indigenous leaders in the Amazon, and others. Javier’s ceremonies for me are among the very best.

Jim, Nelson
Canada, 2010


Working with Javier in ceremony was a transformative experience I carry close to my heart. He is an experienced and gentle practicioner. I trust him explicitly to be my guide in this extraordinary journey, and regularly recommend him to friends traveling in the region. I have worked with ayahuasca in various settings, from deep in the jungle to an island in Hawaii; when Grandmother calls, I sit up and listen. However, working with Javier has opened a path to self-awareness that I have not found anywhere else. His songs are of course beautiful, but it is his heart that shines most bright. Count yourself among the lucky if you have an opportunity to work with him. Blessings to you, Javier.

USA, 2008


The highlight of my stay in Peru was experiencing the wisdom and compassionate facilitation of Ayahuasca and San Pedro ceremonies by Javier Regueiro. It was very important for my first experiences with these plant medicines to work with someone who could bridge the ancient wisdom with the modern world. Javier went above and beyond to make sure that each participant in our workshop of 11 people were getting everything we needed as we progressed through our 10 days of intense healing work. I had an incredible experience here and would highly recommend him if are looking to experience the plant medicines with a gifted modern day shaman.

New York, 2010


I have been doing medicine work for almost 4 years, and my experience at Ayaruna was easily the most powerful and productive work I have done thus far. I found Javier to have a profoundly intuitive connection with the medicine, and his one-on-one availability for counsel, pre and post ceremony, was a huge benefit for all who attended. Thank you Javier!!

Los Angeles, 2010

I have stayed at the lovely and charming Paz y Luz and worked with Javier many times over these past years. I can confidently recommend his abilities as a shaman from my own experiences, the experiences of many others, and the fact that he apprenticed with a well known and respected shaman outside of Iquitos, Don Francisco Montes.

Javier’s care and compassion for his clients, his knowledge of the plants and his powerful healing talents should give comfort to the boldly curious out there who are feeling brave enough to look into the truth about themselves. It is not an easy process, but Javier creates a strong and safe container within which to cleanse your heart and illuminate your mind.

I have had such amazing experiences working with this man and have a long list of people who would agree with me. Javier is great!!

Texas, 2010


I was fortunate enough to take part in 5 plant ceremonies with Javier. For anyone considering this form of healing I strongly recommend it. You will be greeted with such warmth and professionalism from Javier who has a genuine concern about you and who is wonderful at his job. I have received some amazing healings and insights from this experience, both from the plant medicine itself but from the open door policy that Javier has which creates a space to reflect, share and delve into the experiences with these wonderful plants.

Australia, November 2010


I was recommended to Javier by a new friend in 2008. “You have similar energy” he said, “You just have to meet him.” Lots of life circumstances brought me to Paz Y Luz and to the healing journey with Javier deep within the Sacred Valley. I have never before been so impressed with someone and their capacity to care so profoundly for other’s journey into feeling & becoming better. I had the honor of working with Javier both alone and with others in a variety of ceremonies. In each setting, he was present, knowledgeable, compassionate and attentive. Quite frankly, I feel my time with Javier cracked open a whole new me. Something that 20 years of counseling could never budge! I felt his timing was impeccable during our ceremonies, always knowing just what to say and always knowing just what to do, whether it be singing or holding the space for us. He is a gentle & kind soul who’s gift on this Earth is immeasurable for those open & ready to receive. This was a life-changing journey for me and Paz Y Luz was the right place to be …

Jenni Jo
Portland, 2009

Contact Us

the ayaruna center, contact

Please read this website thouroughly as most of the information you may be seeking is already here.

For those seriously interested in engaging in this process at the Ayaruna Center, please indicate your age, place of residence, any physical, psychological and mental ailments you may have experienced in the past or are still suffering from, as well as any medication you may be taking at the present time, including dosage and length of treatment. If you have any history of substance or alcohol abuse, please indicate that as well.

Sorry but we are no longer offering single open ceremonies. All the retreats on offer for 2016 are on this website on the “Reteats and Ceremonies” page.

For more information, please contact us via email at javier.ayaruna@gmail.com