The Ayaruna Center & Javier Regueiro

CEREMONIAL SPACES: Our Center includes an open thatched roof temple for San Pedro/Huachuma ceremonies and a fully enclosed one for Ayahuasca ceremonies.

LODGING: Guests stay in bungalows, sharing each room with another guest. Each room has 4 beds but only 2 will be occupied. Each bungalow comes with a bathroom with shower.

FOOD: All meals during the retreat will be provided. Meals will be vegetarian with eggs and possibly some dairy products. People with food intolerances need to specify these before being accepted in our retreats. Sorry, but we cannot accommodate the dietary needs of vegans. Meals are breakfast, lunch, and dinner, except on Ayahuasca ceremony days when only breakfast is served.

CONNECTIVITY: Tierra Nuna Ayni has limited phone receptivity and WiFi. An emergency phone number will be given to all participants to give to their families.