The Ayaruna Center & Javier Regueiro

Other than retreats, Javier Regueiro also offers the following services:

Healing and Transformational Coaching/Integration

In order to support those who want to work with me long-distance, I am offering my service as a coach/guide.

Here are some topics that I am well suited to support you with:

– Preparation and integration for your personal plant medicine ceremonies.

– Unleashing your creative potential and expression.

– Breaking through fears that are holding you back.

Each session is 50-minute-long and costs 100 U$, payable only by Visa credit card

For best results, I recommend that you commit to three-session cycles, but I do not require you to do so.

Should you feel inspired to work with me, I offer a complimentary 20-minute call to discuss the possibility of working together. Please email Javier at to schedule an appointment.

Interviews and Public Appearances

Javier is available for interviews of any kind as well as public speaking engagements. Please email Javier at


We also offer the free podcast “Plant Medicine Transmissions” on iTunes, Soundcloud, and YouTube