The Ayaruna Center & Javier Regueiro

The vision of the Ayaruna Center is to create and sustain a healing space where people from all over the world and of all spiritual and cultural traditions, regardless of their gender, sexual orientation and race, can most benefit from working with traditional Peruvian plant medicines: a safe space for the healing of the wounds that prevent us from living our full potential as well as the exploration of one’s inner realms and other dimensions.

It is important to be aware that the process we offer is about coming home to ourselves through the mindful and respectful use of these plant medicines, and not an escape from ourselves. Our guests are invited into a deep process and are offered personalized support due to the power and delicacy of such a process.

We combine our knowledge and experience in breathwork, yoga, Chinese medicine, massage, and various spiritual traditions, together with the shamanic work of plant medicine to support people in their process of personal healing and spiritual growth.

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